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Value Stream Mapping in an organization

Have you ever wondered how to optimize your organization’s key processes, identify areas of lowest efficiency or achieve more value for Clients?

Value Stream Mapping (VSM for short) is a solution that allows organizations, to thoroughly analyze and improve the operations they perform, ultimately leading to increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage in the market.

Luqam offers its clients a comprehensive Value Stream Mapping service to help fully understand and optimize the organization’s processes. An experienced team of Specialists helps you analyze, identify and visualize key processes in your company. After the analysis, you will gain knowledge about the value flow through different areas of the company.

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What does the VSM analysis consist of?

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and flow analysis are the most important optimization tools for gathering data about a process and preparing its improvement plan.

VSM is based on an analysis of an organization’s value stream. What is this stream? It is a set of all activities and operations necessary to make a product according to the customer’s requirements from the moment the raw material enters the company to the moment the finished product is shipped. The purpose of VSM is to perform mapping of this flow and create a map of the current state and a map of the future state as a development proposal for the organization.

Value Stream Mapping is performed on a selected product sample. The main goal of VSM is to focus on adding value to the process while eliminating losses that limit or block it.

We present the results of the mapping using a set of symbols and marks.

The hallmark of VSM is the identification of two flows – the flow of raw material and its processing, and the flow and processing of management information.

The analysis is completed with the preparation of a future state map by Luqam’s expert team. After an in-depth analysis and verification of the possibility of changes in the process, we decide to create a new flow.

The new map presents a better, more optimal flow and more efficient methods of managing the information controlling this process. It allows us to create a roadmap of what, where and how we want to change/improve in our organization. The parameters typical for flow and stream maps are the so-called process efficiency. We calculate it by determining the ratio of value addition time to the total transition time, and then compare between the current and future situations to see our impact on increasing value addition.

VSM is an ideal tool for strategic insights and presentation of the entire process in a simplified but highly readable form. If you want to do the mapping very accurately, with all the details, this is where Flow Analysis may work better.


What is Flow Analysis?

During Flow Analysis, we use similar principles to VSM. What makes Flow Analysis different from Value Stream Mapping is the symbol notation used and the depth of analysis.

Flow Analysis involves performing an in-depth analysis of the process by Luqam Experts and creating a detailed map of the flow as well as processing the raw material without the flow of information. In addition, during the analysis we collect information on the evaluated flow guided by the QDCI (Quality, Delivery, Cost, Involvement) filter.

Flow Analysis, depending on your needs, can start in two ways – with the collection of base materials or with the finished product. The second option is more complicated and requires experience in the implementation of optimization activities, but it allows for a more holistic view of the process and for highlighting problems with both flow and quality issues. In addition, starting the analysis from the finished product makes it possible to observe the relationship between the customer and the supplier and reveals inventory issues.


Why should you decide on value stream mapping with Luqam?

Process optimization

By performing a detailed analysis of an organization’s processes, Luqam’s Experts can identify specific improvement actions and optimization opportunities, which directly translate into an increase in process effectiveness and efficiency.

Identification of waste

Value Stream Mapping allows you to accurately identify waste – that is, operations that do not bring value to either customers or the organization.

Selection of appropriate tools

In addition to planning optimization activities, Luqam Experts point out the right tools to help accomplish these tasks more efficiently.

Communication improvement

VSM analysis allows to better understand the relationships and dependencies between different departments in the company, this leads to better coordination of activities and increased cooperation between employees.

Continuous improvement

Value Stream Mapping and Flow Analysis are the tools to make systematic improvements in order to continuously strive to meet customer needs and remain competitive in the market.

Employee education

During the project, the client’s team of employees participates actively in the analysis process, so this service can be treated as “muda hunting” training.

Increased competitiveness

By optimizing your processes with Luqam, you will deliver more value to your customers and your organization will gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Understanding the Customer

VSM analysis provides a deeper understanding of the customer perspective. We will help you identify and understand your customers’ needs, enabling you to deliver more customized and satisfying solutions.

Do you have any doubts?

Don’t waste any more time on inefficient processes, start your improvement adventure today! Take advantage of Luqam’s services and let us help you achieve success! Get back to us and schedule a free consultation with Luqam Experts.

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