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thanks to Company Excellence System

Company Excellence System is the equivalent of the iconic solution - Company Production System.
The product is created for service companies that want to stabilize processes and improve financial and quality performance.

Dedicated operational systems for services

Dedicated Service System (Company Excellence System) is the equivalent of the iconic solution – Company Production System, created with service companies in mind.
Company Excellence System is a solution that helps businesses go through the process of organizational transformation towards operational process excellence. Implementation of a dedicated service system reduces complaints and quality problems, improves work efficiency and stabilizes processes.

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Who is the Company Excellence System dedicated to?

Company Excellence System is a product designed for companies carrying out their tasks in the office space. Its addressees are entities determined to create a coherent corporate operational excellence system focused on:

  • enabling management of the company based on numbers, data and facts,
  • reducing the number of internal and external complaints,
  • improving work organization,
  • improving and stabilizing work efficiency,
  • effective elimination of problems occurring in the organization,
  • division of labor adequate to capacity,
  • improving and striving for better and better results.

What can you expect when you decide to implement a dedicated system for services by LUQAM?

Management standards

Creating effective management standards in a rapidly growing structure.

Quick response

Systematic response to labor quality incidents and complaints.

Project management

Ability to manage a portfolio of projects.

Cost-effective approach

Teaching employees a cost-effective approach and responsibility for implemented activities.

Coherent system

Establishing a consistent corporate performance management system.

Increased efficiency

Improvement of efficiency of both processes and employees.

Better image of the company

Improved credibility and evaluation of the company through stakeholders and shareholders.


Creating a culture of pursuing operational excellence and cost reduction at all levels of the organization.

What does the Company Excellence System consist of?

Company Excellence System is based on the model developed by Luqam, with workplace organization as its foundation, process stability and problem solving, work efficiency and balanced flow as its pillars, and continuous improvement and data-driven management as the system’s culmination.

Depending on the specifics of the organization, the next “bricks” of the model could be: leadership training on soft skills, workshops on integrating the organization’s standardized management system (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 27001) with the CES system, a marketing support system created specifically for the company to support the implementation and maintenance of the system, or another company’s idea of an additional module that can be implemented as part of building the system.

How is the project implemented?

For the project, we select one department, performing activities in the office space, where management has identified optimization potential.

The project involves the participation of people (change leaders on the company’s side) who will carry out the implementation together with consultants. These are the people who participate in a series of specialized training courses and improve their skills in practice. The change leaders will be responsible for maintaining the system after the consulting activities have ended, and will have the necessary knowledge and skills to implement the created Company Excellence System in other organizational units of the company. The change leaders should be people working in the department or cell covered by the implementation, but also people from other cells where the system will be implemented after the pilots are completed.

The project is being implemented in the proven "AWEM" mode: Academy, Workshop, Evaluation, Mentoring.

Academy Mode

It is impossible to implement new solutions without first introducing them to the company’s employees and punishing them with Operational Excellence projects. Therefore, within the Academy, we provide training at 2 levels:

  • for employees, in the form of a few hours of training,
  • for Shift Leaders (Lean Sigma Green Belt level) and project sponsors in the form of full-day training sessions.

All of our trainings are practice-oriented and include elements of exercises, workshops, simulation games and case studies.

Workshop Mode

We believe that value maximization happens when a system is designed “to the size” of an organization. We know “what” we will implement in the workshop, but “how” it will be done depends on the cooperation between the consultants and the project team. Every company is unique, and this motto guides us in implementing individualized workshops to put into practice the solutions presented in the training sessions and build a dedicated management system.

Evaluation Mode

Consultants evaluate the implemented project, noting elements that do not function at an appropriate high level of quality. After the implementation is completed in a particular department, a process of checking the functioning of the system takes place, ending with the ceremonial presentation of a certificate confirming the implementation and functioning of the system.

Mentoring Mode

Consultants evaluate the implemented project, paying attention to elements that do not function at a reasonably high level of quality. Once the implementation is completed in a particular department, a process of checking the functioning of the system is held, ending with the official granting of a certificate confirming the implementation and functioning of the system. The final audit is carried out by LUQAM and the certification body SwissCert. Its task is also to evaluate the work of the candidates for Shift Leaders and award them competence certificates.

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