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5S Champions League 
The 5S system is the first step to continuous improvement within the scope of the Lean Management philosophy. This is the simplest and most popular tool of lean management. It can find application in any organisation, regardless of its size and trade. 5S Champions League is a group of companies who develop the 5S system based on the individually adjusted improvement plan and independent audit conducted by LUQAM.
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TPM Champion 
The task of TPM is to provide maximal availability of critical devices and eliminate failures, deficiencies and accidents at work. The participants of TPM Champion are companies that wish to effectively implement and improve TPM.
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OEE Management 
OEE is the overall equipment efficiency index, known as machine use. On-going OEE measurement allows for continuous and aware control of production losses. OEE Management is a program with a simple formula allowing the companies to properly calibrate the OEE index and compare their results in relation to the selected trade.
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CPS – Company Production System
We design production systems adjusted to the trade, strategy, technology and employee competences in the organisation. The standards, measurement and reporting system are developed on the basis of workshops conducted at the client’s facility, based on the global CPS standard (Company Production System).
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