Automatic metering of machines

The non-invasive machine monitoring system makes it possible to carry out measurements related to the detection of machine statuses – work/standstill – and machine cycles. The realization of a survey of as little as a few days by installing smart sensors on machines makes it possible to look at the production system through the prism of data collected in real time. This data is analyzed by the Client’s team and Luqam consultants. The drawn conclusions make it possible to implement appropriate optimization measures (either by the Client independently or with Luqam’s support). The machine performance monitoring system serves to better utilize the machine park, eliminate bottlenecks and positively affect the efficiency of the production process.

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Metering system for actual machine operation


Quick and non-invasive installation of sensors on machines

Monitoring and reporting

Reporting, monitoring and describing the causes of machine downtime in real time

Summaries and statistics

Automatic summaries and statistics on the operation of specific machines


Expert support in the selection of optimization methods and tools

How do we work? Learn about the stages of implementing a machine metering system



We install the device on the selected machine or set of machines.



We integrate the metering system without interfering with the machine.



We configure panels on machines for operators.



We train operators and managers on how to use the system. We build employee awareness of data collection and its subsequent use to optimize production processes.


Professional support

We identify potentials for improving production rates and propose solutions that improve machine availability.

Automatic metering of machines allows:

Metering of the "old" machine park

Without risky interference with machines and expansion of the IT infrastructure, it is possible to quickly change the “life” of old machines and collect data to analyze the production system.

Creating a system for collecting information

Automatic machine metering sends real-time data from sensors mounted on machines and transmits it to the cloud. The data can be displayed in a panel at operators’ workstations, on dashboards with indicators, and in panels for managers, who can generate automatic reports on machine performance.

Identifying bottlenecks

Analyzing the data collected by the system and filling in the relevant information by operators makes it possible to find bottlenecks in processes.

Selecting the right optimization measures

With real machine data, it is possible to select adequate optimization measures that will realistically improve production indicators.

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Data collection system

The installation of modern sensors makes it possible to create an automatic system for collecting data about the performance of a particular machine. The real data allows you to analyze the availability of the machine and identify bottlenecks in the process.

Machine downtimes and the causes

Operators fill in predefined causes of downtime in an intuitive way on panels mounted at the machines. This data goes directly to the information collection and processing system, and is then displayed in dedicated locations – for example, on TVs that turn into Andon boards. Employees operating the application can monitor machine downtime in real time and analyze why it occurs.

Machine availability analysis

The appropriate configuration of the device makes it possible to make precise measurements regarding the efficiency assessment of the use of a given machine or equipment. By obtaining information about the availability, performance and quality of a given process, it is possible to accurately calculate the OEE indicator.

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