MES System by Luqam

Work in manufacturing requires special tools that control the process of producing goods. Advanced MES system stands out among the most effective solutions. How exactly does this production program work? Its main task is to manage the collected data. Thanks to this, managers can monitor the causes of micro-downtimes and the history of product creation. These are just a few of the many capabilities of this software. Read a brief description and learn more!

TiMES - a modern MES system for companies

Implementation of a functional and customized MES system for the organization is the foundation on the way to increasing the efficiency of production processes and continuous improvement towards the idea of Industry 4.0. A modern, extremely intuitive and easy-to-use TiMES system allows you to better manage the production system by monitoring machine operation, measuring key processes, identifying bottlenecks and accessing data in real time.

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Modern MES system for companies

We offer an IT system that supports managers in executing orders. Based on the provided notifications, they can make the best decisions. It is worth mentioning that the MES production program collects data with greater accuracy than ERP software. More importantly, it provides them in the form of ready-made reports and analysis. The database collects a huge amount of information, which is valuable from the point of view of managers. With the help of the mentioned measures, the quality and efficiency of work can be improved.

Are you keen on improving production management in your company? It’s worth having a try at the innovative solutions available on the market. Check out our proposal!

Learn about the features of the MES production management system

Modern design

A modern MES system arouses interest and draws the attention of company’s visitors

Intuitive panels

Operating the system is extremely simple and intuitive – our system was created with production operators in mind


We know that every organization is different, so we tailor the TiMES system to the individual needs of the client

Fast implementation

Complete implementation of the MES system at the client’s site takes up to 7 days

No large financial investments

An attractive subscription system makes it possible to implement the MES system without a large financial outlay – it is a system that every company can afford

Comprehensiveness and Expert support

Luqam’s experts support the client from the moment the needs are identified, through tailoring the system to the company’s specifics and training operators on how to use the panels, to full administrative support of the operating system

Access and visualization of production data

TiMES system allows real-time tracking of production processes on various devices (phone, tablet, computer, TV) anywhere with internet access

Designed by Optimization Experts

The system responds to the specific needs of manufacturing entrepreneurs – we know what our clients need and come with a ready solution to their problems

Is a MES production management system for you?

  • Do you manage a manufacturing plant where a MES system is not functioning?
  • Is the MES system that is implemented in your manufacturing plant outdated, unintuitive or merely an imitation of the MES system (does not provide real-time communication, does not enable analysis of production indicators)?
  • Production at your plant is based on the use of machine park?
  • Do you want to maximize production capacity and reduce waste in the manufacturing process?
  • Do you want to be more aware of how your company’s production processes are going?
  • Are you striving to standardize production and management KPIs?
  • Want to stay one step ahead of your competition?

If the answer to any of the questions is “YES” – then the MES system by Luqam is for you!

The use of MES systems

We offer a MES system tailored to the individual needs of enterprises. This program is distinguished by its flexibility and a large number of functions that facilitate production management. Such a tool is used not only in production halls, but also when performing other processes. The software is useful, for example, in the following industries: automotive, food, metallurgy, electronics, pharmaceutical industry and many more!

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Online view of production in progress

With TiMES you always have an overview of the current statuses of your machines! You can track the progress of individual workstations in real time and monitor unplanned occurrences! Receive notifications about unaccounted production and breakdowns as soon as they are reported!


KPIs always under control

TiMES enables you to monitor your most important production data. View actual OEE, monitor orders, machines, and the entire machine park over the course of a shift, a day, or an entire month. Access detailed data on production events, generate PDF reports about your company and each job.

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How do we work? Learn about the stages of MES system implementation


Identification of customer needs

We help you define the scope of services, choose the machines to be metered and the indicators to be monitored. We know that every organization is different, so we are extremely flexible and tailor the system to the individual needs of the client.


Configuration and testing at the client's site

We configure the system and conduct comprehensive tests at the client’s site.


Implementation and training

We introduce employees and provide them with a training package on how to use the system. In addition, we make them aware of why process metering is so important for improving the production system. We believe that the TiMES system is living only when employees know that their participation in the system is important.


Administration and data security

We take care of the security of data and ensure its continuity – even in the event of Internet failure.


Technical support

We offer technical support at every step – from defining needs, through system implementation and administration, to assistance in defining optimization measures for metered processes.

TiMES – managing over time will be easier!


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