Layout planning for production spaces

The process of layout planning for a production hall is a key part of creating a manufacturing space. In optimization projects, the goal of designing a layout may be to achieve the shortest possible flow, increase production capacity, or reclaim production and storage space.

We carry out layout design projects:

  • “from scratch” for a new production hall and when expanding a production hall,
  • when moving production to a new location,
  • when optimizing the existing layout in the current location.

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Why is it important to design the layout optimally?

Optimization of internal transportation

A logically planned layout allows to optimize internal transportation and improve the flow of logistics processes in the company. Planning transport routes allows you to reduce unnecessary transport operations and a number of unloaded transports.

Efficient use of production and warehouse space

A well-designed layout of a production hall allows for better use of floor space and, consequently, allows for increased production capacity and efficient use of warehouse space.

Effective use of resources

The data obtained as a result of the design process provides guidance for optimizing the layout of the factory and making the best use of resources in the enterprise – both infrastructure and human resources.

Optimization of production processes

In the case of expanding a production or warehouse area, reorganizing machinery and production lines, or moving production to a new location, creating a layout allows you to plan the flow of production processes more efficiently.

Creating layouts in a 3D environment

In addition to classic layout creation projects, we also carry out layout simulation projects in a 3D simulator environment. Modeling allows you to accurately (mathematically and visually) reproduce the layout of the hall, resulting in a model that can be used to test scenarios and optimization hypotheses. The model is used to create a layout prior to production, so that it will not require corrections related to unaccounted parameters or errors afterwards. It allows us to define anomalies and bottlenecks that could become a problem in the future. We can then proceed to building the future situation.

Zrzut z filmu przedstawiający proces, jakim jest tworzenie layoutów oraz projektowanie procesów produkcyjnych

Layout and flow simulation

Thanks to simulation, it is possible to test many alternative scenarios and solutions, without interfering with the actual system. With such alternative scenarios, it is possible to obtain hundreds of potential solutions, from which we choose the optimal solution to a given decision-making problem in a very short time. And if we decide to accurately reproduce the visual appearance of machines and products, 3D layout can serve as a great presentation material for customers.

In such projects, even more important than professional software is the experience and operational as well as optimization knowledge of the experts implementing the project. The combination of a mathematical model and best practices of production management is the key to creating a layout that will become the company’s showcase.

Real Time Flow Analysis

When moving production to a new location or when optimizing the existing layout in a current location, automatic object location measurement based on RTLS (Real Time Location System) technology is often used. The measurement allows, among other things:

  • determining bottlenecks in the production system that must be removed in the new layout,
  • indicating unused areas that can potentially be reclaimed for other means of production,
  • indicating the potential for realignment of machinery and equipment as well as optimization of internal transportation,
  • monitoring production cycles, worker dwell times and transportation equipment in a given area at a given time, as well as automatically creating heat maps and spaghetti charts to influence decisions about flow and sometimes machine park and its efficiency.

Measurements make it possible to draw conclusions about the selection of the best logistics solutions, affecting the best possible use of human and transportation resources.

Why design your layout with Luqam?

Time savings

Designing a factory layout is usually a process in which there is no time to “learn from mistakes”. Thanks to the involvement in the project of experts with extensive professional experience in the area of optimization and layout design, as well as modern IT solutions, the Client receives knowledge and capabilities that, due to the unusual nature of the project, he often does not have himself. This ensures that the entire process is carried out according to a proven methodology that reduces unnecessary activities and potential errors that could unnecessarily prolong it.

Money savings

A well-designed layout of a production hall allows for optimal (also in terms of reducing unnecessary costs) arrangement of production space and planning of production processes. It also eliminates the risk of errors, which, with a poorly designed layout, are noticed after the actual production set-up, and which would be very costly or even impossible to eliminate.

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