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5S Champions League Program

The 5S Champions League is Luqam’s proprietary program aimed at companies that focus on development and are aware that 5S is the foundation of optimization in accordance with the concept of Lean Management. The 5S Champions League Program is based on years of experience in implementing Lean tools, including the 5S system in hundreds of companies in Poland. We help create well-organized, ergonomic, safe and clean workplaces, raise employee morale and improve process efficiency. The 5S Champions League Program is designed for both manufacturing and service companies that are starting or have already started their adventure with 5S.

Take advantage of the best practices of Luqam Experts and speed up the implementation of 5S in your organization.

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Are you facing the following problems in your organization?

  • A lot of time is wasted on the constant search for needed items or documents.
  • Before each customer visit, it is necessary to prepare the workplace, as its condition leaves much to be desired.
  • Standardy bezpieczeństwa i higieny pracy nie są przestrzegane.
  • The cleanliness of the workplace is unsatisfactory.
  • Unnecessary things pile up at the workstation, taking up space and making it difficult to perform tasks.
  • When you arrive at your workstation in the morning, you don’t find it in the condition it should be in.
  • Things within the workstation have no assigned place and everyone puts them away somewhere else.

If you answered yes to the above questions, then the 5S method is the perfect solution for your company. The 5S Champions League allows you to implement the 5S method at the highest level, and most importantly – permanently. The League’s formula allows you to continuously improve the 5S standard, with independent evaluation and the opportunity to draw inspiration from other companies.

Learn the benefits of implementing the 5S method in your organization:

Increased employee safety

Implementing the 5S method allows you to create employee-friendly and, above all, safe workplaces.

Increased productivity

5S improves productivity and efficiency by eliminating waste.

Reduced manufacturing costs

The 5S method reduces manufacturing costs through standardization, elimination of production wastes and unnecessary items, and better management of the machine park.

Improved product quality

5S improves product quality by following and maintaining the principles of technology and standardization of work.

Waste reduction

Using the 5S method in the production process allows for better use of materials and components, while reducing waste.

Better company reputation

Implementing the 5S method improves a company’s image and reputation through cleanliness, neatness and transparency in production departments, warehouses, offices and the factory environment.

Increased motivation

5S helps increase employee discipline and motivation by assigning responsibility and infusing the KAIZEN spirit into the organization.

Standardization of processes

By implementing 5S, processes become organized and standardized.

Utilization of reserves

5S allows the use of hidden reserves, especially when it comes to employees’ working time.

Basics of Lean Manufacturing

The 5S method is the foundation for implementing other Lean Manufacturing tools and pursuing organizational excellence.

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What is the 5S Champions League program all about?

The main objective of the program is to identify areas with potential for improvement and build a foundation for optimization in accordance with the Lean Management concept. Companies participating in the 5S Champions League program undergo periodic independent audits (or workshops) conducted by Luqam Experts. During the first visit, internal training for employees is conducted, the organization is divided into zones, a preliminary audit is carried out and an action plan is created. Between the visits of Luqam Auditors to the company, work on the 5S system is carried out according to the Expert’s recommendations. During subsequent visits, zones are evaluated according to Luqam’s proprietary scoring system, the implementation of the action plan is assessed, and recommendations and tasks are issued. After the audit cycles are completed, companies are subjected to a final yearly, nationwide classification, during which the organizations best rated in a given calendar year receive awards.

Wdrożenie programu Liga Mistrzów 5S

A form tailored to your needs

The 5S Champions League program has been divided into 3 variants of participation – depending on the customer’s expectations and the level of implementation of the 5S system, the company can choose the form to best suit its needs. The 5S Youth Champions League is designed for companies that are beginning their adventure with 5S and want to prepare to compete in the nationwide 5S Champions League classification. The 5S Standard Champions League variant is dedicated to organizations that have implemented the 5S system in their company and want to improve it under the guidance of Experts. The 5S Premium Champions League is an option for companies that want to accelerate the development of 5S in their organization, increasing the intensity of activities in the 5S area.

Access to the Luqam app

Customers of the 5S Champions League program get access to Luqam’s proprietary application, where they can monitor progress in implementing and improving the 5S method in their organization. In the application it is possible to download reports from visits, view results from audits and a self-updating final year ranking, in which all participants in the 5S Champions League program take part. In addition, the customer has access to Luqam’s training schedule, where they can sign up employees for free workshops and training courses. We also answer our clients’ most important questions in the application.

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