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TPM Champion Program

TPM Champion is Luqam’s proprietary program aimed at manufacturing companies that want to advance the concept of Lean Management by maximizing the availability of key machinery and equipment, eliminating breakdowns, shortages and accidents at work.

TPM Champion is based on the Total Productive Maintenance concept, which aims to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of tools and employee engagement. The TPM program is spread over 12 months with the possibility of extension. During this period, the client receives expert supervision of the project, benefits from Luqam’s professional training, and participates in workshops and audits conducted at the client’s site.

Your production will be more reliable, and you will save time and money! Learn more about the details of the program!

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What does participation in the TPM Champion program consist of?

Implementing TPM in a company is a long-term process for which one should prepare properly and then carry it out consciously. The most important thing is the gradual implementation of the plan. Employees need to get used to their new responsibilities. The work of coordinators and the scheduling of meetings requires additional time. Therefore, in order to make everything work, the process must proceed in stages.

The TPM Champion program is based on a proven implementation standard that is carried out step by step, systemically, without chaos.

Why is it worth to take part in the TPM Champion program?

Reduced downtime

Participation in the program will identify and eliminate or maximally reduce machine downtime.

Optimized maintenance

The support of Luqam’s experienced Specialists will allow you to plan and manage machine maintenance more efficiently.

Increase in machine life

By optimizing maintenance, you will improve the condition of your machinery, and scheduling maintenance as well as repairs will extend the life of your machinery. This will prevent sudden breakdowns.

Increased productivity

The optimization activities implemented while participating in the program will improve the efficiency and productivity of your production lines, and you will regain control of your OEE indicators!

Employee involvement

The TPM Champion program not only engages company employees in the change process, but also educates and builds a work culture that supports improvement processes throughout the company.

Economic benefits

Participation in TPM Champion will allow you to see the economic benefits that will follow the changes implemented in the program in a short period of time.

TPM program formula tailored to the needs of your organization

The TPM Champion program is divided into 4 participation variants: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Luqam Experts during the first visit assess the level of implementation of the various elements of the TPM program and, based on this, they propose a program variant to the Customer that will work best for the organization. In each variant of the program, the Customer can benefit from consultations with an Expert, workshops, a professional audit and free trainings.

Luqam's Customer System

Clients of the TPM Champion program receive access to Luqam’s proprietary application, where they can monitor progress in implementing and improving the Total Productive Maintenance concept in their organization. The app includes the ability to download visit reports and enroll employees in free training courses and workshops organized by Luqam. In the application we also answer our customers’ most important questions.

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Do you still have doubts?

The TPM Champion implementation program from Luqam is:

  • Custom-designed TPM development system and professional one-year support in its implementation.
  • An extensive number of workshops and audits that systematically expand the theoretical and practical knowledge of employees, which translates into improvement of the TPM level.
  • Trained and informed managers in production and maintenance departments.
  • Employees actively supporting prevention, detecting machine failures at an early stage.
  • Reduced breakdowns and micro-downtimes, which improves production predictability and increases fleet efficiency.
  • Reduced production costs.
  • A professional training package to which 2 employees can be enrolled each quarter at no additional cost.

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