Implementation of Lean tools

We offer implementation of the entire range of tools from the so-called Lean Toolbox. We carry out proprietary, nationwide projects to implement the 5S, SMED and TPM method within the framework of proven, standardized programs: 5S Champions League, SMED Challenger and TPM Champion.

Wdrażanie narzędzi Lean Management

Lean Management implementation programs

Luqam offers comprehensive services for the implementation of Lean Management tools, helping its clients improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of their processes.

Thanks to the knowledge and more than 20 years of experience of Luqam Experts in the field of Lean, we can offer our clients a range of best practices, techniques and principles that help create sustainable and effective solutions that support the organization’s business goals.

Programy wdrożeniowe Lean Management

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Lean implementation with Luqam

Our approach is based on years of experience in implementing various Lean tools in hundreds of organizations in Poland. Over the years, while carrying out implementation projects, we have looked at our clients and analyzed not only their successes, but also their failures. This has allowed us to create standardized Lean Management implementation programs, such as:

5S Champions League, SMED Challenger and TPM Champion.

By choosing to participate in an implementation program, you reduce the time it takes to implement Lean tools in your organization, avoid painful and often costly failures, and most importantly, create sustainable and effective solutions to eliminate various types of waste.

In addition, for all customers of standardized implementation programs, Luqam offers a pool of free trainings and a number of other benefits, including regular visits by Experts to the company’s headquarters, detailed reports after each visit, professional support throughout the project.

Examples of Lean tools implemented by Luqam

5S Method

By implementing the 5S method, workplaces become more ergonomic and safer, and employees experience greater job satisfaction.


The implementation of Total Productive Maintenance increases the availability of machinery and equipment as well as eliminates breakdowns, shortages and accidents at work.

Value Stream Mapping

Conducting a VSM analysis allows you to gain valuable information about your current processes and prepare specific plans for their improvement.

Flow analysis

Flow analysis allows you to conduct a deep process analysis and create a map of the flow and raw material survival.


By implementing SMED, you can reduce changeover times and increase productivity and flexibility in production.

Standardized work

The implementation of standardized work makes it possible to identify and eliminate unnecessary or repetitive activities and waste in processes.


The implementation of Kanban makes it possible to reduce work in progress (WIP), identify the causes of delays and bottlenecks, resulting in improved process efficiency.


The implementation of Poka-Yoke solutions allows to increase the detection of errors and minimize the number of errors.

Why is it worth to cooperate with LUQAM?

Support from Experts

By participating in the Lean implementation program, you have the opportunity to work with experienced Lean Specialists.

Professional reports

After each visit to the company, you receive a comprehensive report with a summary of activities, tips and recommendations for the future.

Access to our application

Customers of Lean implementation programs are given access to our app, where they can view history of visits with reports, trainings and a knowledge base.

Free trainings

Each company using the standardized Lean programs receives a pool of free Luqam trainings every quarter.

Special offers and discounts

Luqam customers receive special discounts on selected services and participate in pre-order campaigns.

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