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SMED Challenger Program

SMED Challenger is Luqam’s proprietary program designed for companies that want to change their production processes and see the savings generated in a short period of time. The SMED Challenger program is based on the Single Minute Exchange of Die concept, the goal of which is to minimize the time needed to changeover machines in the production process. Unlike other Lean Management programs, SMED Challenger allows you to directly indicate time savings, thus allowing you to increase production flexibility and efficiency.

The SMED program is scheduled for a minimum of 12 months with the possibility of extension. During this period, the Customer is supported by Experts who conduct workshops and consultations, after which professional reports with recommendations are sent. Depending on the Customer’s needs, the system implementation can cover 1, 2, 3 or 4 machines.

Take part in the program and revolutionize your organization’s changeover processes!

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Why is it worth participating in the SMED Challenger program?

Reduced changeover time

Participation in the program makes it possible to carefully analyze and optimize the machine changeover process, which has the effect of significantly reducing the time required for these activities and increasing production flexibility.

Eliminated waste in the processes

By implementing the individual steps of SMED, non-value-adding activities in the process can be identified and eliminated, and waste can be reduced. This translates into increased savings for the company.

Improved processes

The support of Luqam’s Optimization Experts and access to professional training during participation in the program helps not only reduce machine changeover time, but also supports the process of continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Enhanced safety

A thorough analysis of the process also improves employee safety by eliminating potential dangers and hazards to which a worker may be exposed during the changeover process.

Learning through experience

During meetings at the client’s premises, employees participate in improvement activities and training workshops under the supervision of Luqam Experts.

Multiple effects

The benefits of participating in the program produce tangible economic effects that can be observed within a short time after the first improvement measures are implemented.

Take up the SMED challenge!

Machine changeover time at your company can no longer be reduced? Let’s find out!

Principles of the SMED challenge:

  • LUQAM selects the machine and type of changeover.
  • LUQAM offers a challenge goal, such as reducing changeover time on a machine by 25% or 15 minutes.
  • CLIENT accepts the challenge.
  • LUQAM agrees to conduct a two-day SMED workshop at its own expense if the challenge goal is not met.
  • CLIENT agrees to continue joint activities if the goal is achieved – as part of the SMED Challenger project.
  • Are you ready to take on the SMED challenge?

    Program Lean Management - SMED Challenger

    Specialists' Experience

    In the SMED Challenger program, success is all about understanding the SMED methodology and unifying the production department along with supporting departments in a joint systemic effort toward improving the machine changeover process.

    These departments all follow the same path, are one group and, as a result, by following the guidelines, carry out the changeover process safely, reproducibly and quickly. As a result, the SMED Challenger Program allows the company to develop an optimal SMED model.

    Access to LUQAM's app

    Customers of the SMED Challenger program receive access to Luqam’s proprietary app, where they can monitor progress in implementing and improving the SMED concept in their organization. The app includes an option to download visit reports and enroll employees in free workshops and trainings organized by Luqam. In the app, we also answer our customers’ most important questions.

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